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Keeping The Flame of Love On

Loving someone and receiving the same degree of affection and love from the one that we love is the best, among other things, that we could get in life. But not everyday is paradise in real life. The good days are cherished and the bad days we try to forget.

In relationships, keeping  the love alive requires time, attention and the willingness to compromise. Every normal relationship starts out with two people who couldn’t get enough of each other. Theoretically speaking,  when we enter into a relationship, we commit ourselves to the one we have a relationship with. Dating gives us time to know each other, sort of testing the water before we take the plunge. This stage of our relationship would give us the necessary facts that we would need to confirm whether the relationship with the person we are involved with is meant to last. I am not entirely an extrovert but I guess living together for sometime would give us a chance to measure each others threshold on menial things. The challenges of daily domestic life  is  the ultimate test of a romantic relationship. It is likely that when we first fell in love we saw only the best about our partner and focused on how wonderful they are. Living together will let us see the not best side of each other. If we get past that, then we are ready to go!

It is easier said than done to say that we should look only at the best about our partner and focus on how wonderful they are, but at some level we should maintain that level of affection to be able to tolerate each others imperfections. A word of caution, however in-love we think we are, if there are other things we find more important to us than our commitment to our partner, we should think twice about getting married. Transforming two personalities into one working relationship requires a great deal of compromise, the level of compromise that is fueled by respect.

The true measure of love is the level of respect we give to each other. It is the basic foundation that will hold our relationships only until we choose to hold on to it.