Live… love life!


The subject “me, myself and I” are the most frustrating subjects that i would often decline discussing, in writing or in person. I simply don’t have the heart telling others how boring and uninteresting my life is. Though I struggle so hard to live it and love it… no matter what… I am a self-proclaimed contented person, for a start. All these years I managed to convince myself, and succeeded in doing it, that I am happy and contented with my life. This is probably the reason why I would often find myself point blank and unfeeling, as if I only exist in the tiny, little box I’ve put myself in; and I don’t mind it. For so long I avoided thinking of anything else but me and my husbands life together, how to make things work so that we don’t not fight… I guess that’s okay. I just need to balance things a little.


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